In-Stream: the most popular video advertising format

Different tools are used to promote products and services, with different methods, levels of effectiveness and implementation features. But one can hardly argue with the fact that video advertising in the 21st century is the most highly effective method for promotion.

Video advertising has several formats. They have their own characteristics and features of application. However, the In-Stream format is rightly considered the most popular and widely used one. Therefore, we suggest you describe it in more detail.

What are the format's features

Despite the wide variety of video ad formats, in-stream is the leader and accounts for approximately 50% of the segment. It is important to bear in mind that in-stream resembles television advertising as much as possible, which is why the loyalty to this format is very high among the Internet audience.

These videos are different in that they are played automatically when the videos are viewed. Video ads can be integrated in several different ways. They differ in the conditions under which the ads will appear.

  • Pre roll. This option is used most frequently. Especially when viewing video on popular hosting sites and online cinemas. Main distinctive feature is that video ads are triggered before you start watching the video;
  • Mid Roll. This format is not to everyone's liking, as it often interrupts viewing at the most interesting place. But it is also an opportunity for the user to pause in viewing. Playback of the commercial starts while the video is playing. Most often, it is somewhere in the middle;
  • Post roll. For the viewer it is a good option, but to promote advertising is not the most effective. In this format, the playback of the promotional video takes place after the video ends. But imagine that you have finished watching a movie, and after the credits roll the ads are played. How many users will watch it? Not likely. But the post roll still has a right to exist and is periodically used for promotion;
  • Pause roll. One more quite widespread format for playing advertising videos. The user clicks on pause, and when he resumes watching, the ad unit is turned on.

All of these types of video ad formats share one characteristic feature. This is the ability to skip advertising.

Depending on various factors, you can skip the ad video as soon as it appears on the screen, or a few seconds after it starts. This makes it possible to quickly stop watching for those who are not interested in the content. Or, alternatively, to watch the entire ad if a person is interested in buying the product or ordering the service featured in the video ad.